H.I. Greeny+


With the innovative planter you can grow over 200 types of fruit and vegetables all year round.

Fruit and vegetables in abundance


With greeny+ you can easily grow and harvest fruit, vegetables and other plants in your own living room. Thanks to the innovative plant container, you do not need a garden or a green thumb to carry out this project. The tower can be operated both outside and inside.

greeny+ has modern sensors that inform you at any time via app about the condition of the cultivated fruits and vegetables. In this way you can see at a glance what your fruits or plants need and react immediately.

You decide which varieties are grown. Overall, the stylish tower offers just as much space as a 60 square meter garden. The device has 40 planting places and produces almost all plants that grow above the ground. From basil to tomatoes to peppers and lettuce, there is something for every taste.


Seven good reasons




Two greeny+ will replace 120 square meters of land. However, using the tower requires 95 percent less water than traditional fruit and vegetable cultivation.

But even though the consumption of resources remains low, the yield is huge: by installing a greeny+, every household immediately saves considerable costs on products for which you would have to pay a lot of money in the supermarket or health food store.

For example, two greeny+ towers can provide a family of four with fresh vegetables and herbs all year round.

Intelligent technology


In the GROW drawer there is a set case that enables up to 100 different plants to be sown.

The Star-Defuser distributes water from an integrated water storage tank evenly over the entire inside of the column and ensures a harmonious flow of water.

The plexiglass cover with integrated ventilation slots effectively prevents pests from entering and keeps the humidity in the GROW drawer at an optimal level of around 65 percent.

The HXA nozzles produce hexagonal water. As a result, the plants absorb the water and nutrients better.

The built-in Ventury nozzle additionally enriches the water with oxygen with every pumping process.

A two-way valve regulates the water flow in the tower and enables the water storage tank to be emptied easily.

The automatically controlled lighting system generates turbo growth of the seedlings with an illuminance of up to 14,000 lux.

The integrated rainproof air slots above the GROW drawer ensure effective cooling of the LED light panel above the drawer through convection.

The cooling fins at the foot of the column ensure that the water is cooled down by increasing the surface area.

A hose on the pump allows the water to be easily pumped out of the storage tank.

The type case is equipped with ready-made jute cubes, which can easily be pushed out from below in order to transfer the young plant onto the column.